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Content Designers Series (D1, D2 and D3)

Time limit: 365 days

$549 Enroll

Full program description

Bundle all three Content Designer professional development courses for one low price.

These courses take participants through building engaging interactive online content that supports student success. The series contains three courses: 

  1. Basic Elements of Instructional Design (platform agnostic)
  2. Introduction to Canvas LMS
  3. Beyond Basics of Canvas LMS

Duration: 45-60 hours (courses approx. 15-20 hours each) 
Audience: K-12 teachers and course designers
Course Format: Independent Study 
Independent Study (IS) courses are self-directed and do not have a course instructor. Participants will:

  • Manage your own learning experience through pacing and completion
  • Set goals and define what is worthwhile for you to learn
  • Take initiative and responsibility for your own learning
  • Keep a reflective journal to process new knowledge
  • Utilize the discussion board to share thoughts and projects with others 
You have 365 days to complete all three courses from the day you enroll into your first course.